Company Policy

WIRE TECH provide to high-quality product, Will to best-satisfaction for customer.
Dedicate staff actualize company policy by under method :

Let customer obtain best entire experience with Wire-Tech.

Evident acquaintance customer demand, offer need production.

Quality control integrate in key transaction and decision-making.

Persist in improve quality, flow, production, for customer, shareholder, employee bring more value.

Maintain quality system, correspond 『ISO9001』demand.

Relate law request, Become a green business intelligence, correspond 『ISO14001』demand.

Quality Policy : Quality  Innovation  Service
We will comprehensively promote the products in full compliance with Provisions of international standards ISO9001: 2008 requirements, In Uphold for quality comes first and Technology Innovation and Excellent service. And require full participation, continuous improvement and advance the prevention, in order to achieve continuous improvement processes and to improve the quality and reduce the defect rate and reduce waste, and is committed to the development of green products and to provide timely and effective way of meeting customer needs and forget.

Quality goals:

1.0mil Process benign rate above 70% .

Production reached a rate of more than 90% .

Return rate of 8% or less .

Environmental Policy
Our company is committed to reducing process waste and pollution generation, and reduce the use of energy resources .For the sustainable management and development of enterprises, and fulfill corporate environmental responsibility in the global village, actively implement corporate pollution protection, in order to facilitate sustainable human existence .
We are committed:

Compliance with environmental regulations, and indeed perform.

The use of technology to reduce the amount of pollution relative or recycling, to achieve continuous improvement and pollution prevention.

Good staff waste recycling and reuse education and training, and the implementation of the working life.

Saving energy and resources.

Strengthen prevention of various possible accident hazards, and to prevent the expansion of unexpected disasters.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

January 2012 : Get US Patent Certificate Number: US8,101,123B2 / US8,101,030B2
October 2012 : Taiwan to obtain patent certificate Certificate Number: I373382
February 2013 : Taiwan to obtain patent certificate Certificate Number: I384082
March 2013 : Taiwan to obtain patent certificate Certificate Number: I394849, I395313, I396756
September 2013 : Awarded National Taiwan 102 Creation Award invention - alloy wire and method of manufacture

Our Vision and Future Prospects

Taiwan's high-tech industry due to global environmental change and the whole industry into the era of highly competitive and profit of, for the sake of business continuity, will continue to use existing strengths to provide the semiconductor industry better alloy wire, to cope with the grim reality of the production costs challenges and expectations of the staff combined with the centripetal force ...

High quality and low cost of the secret weapon

"Alloy Wire" is mainly composed of different metal composition, physical properties, fracture load, elongation at break, after the wire tension and thrust are better than gold wire, electrical conductivity and fusing current, thermal conductivity can be comparable to gold wire, but the price is significantly lower in gold thread.

Complete specifications can be tailored to fit models

Complete specifications alloy wire produced by our company, diameter 2.0 ~ 0.6mil (0.0500-0.0150mm), and can be tailored for client models, has a strong R & D team and production lines and deep technical foundation for backing, you absolutely can meet the needs of production quality and price.

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